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Page Last Updated: Wed, 23rd Aug 2017

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Band Members:

  • Vocasl: Tareq B Noufal 
  • Guitars: Ala Sawalha 
  • Guitars: Fadi Stanboulieh 
  • Drums: Gilbert Haddad" 
  • Bass: Ali Josepph

Formed in Dubai late 2015 by experienced musicians who have carried live performances and records for years back in their home cities and internationally in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Canada and Russia

Angmar is a Melodic Doom/Death Metal Band, influenced by: Swallow The Sun , November's Doom, Opeth and many more. 

However audience have recognised easily the rich influences each member have as most of them have played and still do Rock, Jazz , Blues without compromising their love for Metal, no doubt how much they open to experiments and explore more in their own music, currently working on their first studio album. 

Angmar carries supportive friendly approach to metal believing that great music is always for great cause, it is one of the bands you can hear them supporting Dubai community, Autis, children and charity, no matter loud and crazy their shows gets, giving their best energy, commitments and dedication proving to audience that Metal helps to feel better.


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