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Page Last Updated: Fri, 28th Oct 2016

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A household name for music lovers, Neville started off his career by joining one of the UAE’s most reputed radio stations at the tender age of 17, which in turn made him the youngest professional DJ/radio presenter in the Middle East (ME).

Working the grave-shift at Radio 1, Neville’s 2am to 6am show, credited to his diverse knowledge in music, advancing his status in the growing music scene along with being the first Arab radio presenter on national radio to present an Urban show.

His show, titled The Edge, has been acknowledged as the first and longest show running in the Middle East from August 2000 to date.

Neville has been branded as the ‘Ambassador of Urban Music to the Middle East’ by the consistent flow of international artists that have featured on The Edge.

Not only has his show made him a household name in the ever growing music scene of the UAE & the Middle East, it has also been recognised as a platform for breakthrough tracks which earned him the respect from up and coming artists around the world who are looking to break into the Middle East market.

The Edge has also been accredited for being the first show in the UAE for supporting homegrown talent. The Edge airs every Saturday from 7pm to 10pm, 100.5FM (Abu Dhabi) and 104.1FM (Dubai).

UAE born Lebanese, award winning DJ and Radio Personality, Platinum selling Producer, Dany Neville, is the first local DJ to be noticed on an international level, which in turn helped open a gateway for other local DJs to the international music scene.

He is also the first and only Local DJ to perform at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008, held in Liverpool, an internationally acclaimed award-winning event.

Having completed worldwide tours early on in his career, Dany Neville was the first local DJ to represent the UAE on a global platform.

Apart from Neville’s success with radio, he has appeared on several other media platforms.

He was the first and only local DJ to be invited on a political TV show hosted by Sir David Frost on the popular news channel Al Jazeera.

Regional and international magazines have featured Neville in their publications. Online articles have been written about him, including a write-up about his accomplishment of receiving a Gold Disc in Canada for producing international singer-songwriter Karl Wolf’s track, Mash It Up, featuring award winning Three Six Mafia.

This achievement has also gained Dany Neville the title of first local producer to win an international Gold Record.

Earning the title of MTV Arabia’s official DJ (2007-2009), Neville has been a popular voice on national airwaves. He has booked gigs in various popular venues and clubs in the UAE and all over the world.

Neville is a massive representative of the ever-growing and positively changing music scene in the UAE and is affirmatively, one of Dubai’s most influential individuals.

Neville is also the founder of Underground Procedures (UGP), a collective of award winning producers, artists, songwriters and DJs, producing and supporting Urban music worldwide. UGP members are all accredited by artists that range from Eminem to The Doors, who have recognised Neville’s initiative, UGP, as a positive impact and a door to featuring ethnic influences in their respective music styles.

Early 2012 saw Dany Neville get involved in television projects that ranged from Wrigley’s 5 Gum (Arabia) Sound of 5 competition to Ford Arabia’s GCC Rally competition.

Apart from being a vital act in various locally recognised large-scale events and competitions, Neville is affiliated with various top market brands such as Adidas, G-Shock, New Era, Sony, GMC & MONSTER.

Having accomplished all of the above at such a young age, Dany Neville is excited to move forward as he continues to build the UGP musician collective as well as pursue new and exciting adventures, both in the UAE and internationally.


  • Time Out Dubai Nightlife Awards - Best DJ 2016

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