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Page Last Updated: Wed, 26th Oct 2016

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Superstar DJ from Paris, Keza is renowned for his unique flavour behind the decks, serving up beats ranging from house to hip-hip mixed with his own explosive style and masterful edge.

His 15-year international DJing experience has brought him to the most talked-about venues all around the world, bringing his eclectic sound to ultra-prestigious clubs in Paris, Dubai, Shanghai, Singapore, Doha, Washington DC, and Zurich.

The best testimony to his art of mixing comes from the sheer number of crowds he draws with his sound beginning from the early age of 18, when he played for an audience of more than 300,000 people, playing alongside the likes of David Guetta at Paris’ Techno Parade.

DJ Keza has set himself apart by putting his own stamp of catchy and vibrant mixes and is continuously raising the bar for himself and the industry at each presentation.

Keza is constantly top-requested to be part of a number of hot scenes and events in the world’s most coveted party locations.

He has performed at the personal invitation of the legendary Quincy Jones, and has made himself a crowd-favourite of international VIPs, hosting gigs for renowned stars such as 50 Cent, Ne-Yo, Paris Hilton, Will Smith, Sisqo, Kelly Rowland, J. Cole, and NBA athletes such as Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh or Tony Parker.

Mastering an impeccable show and setting the spark as the best DJ in the locations that he has passed through, he stands as the Champion of the DJ Championship of Middle East by Pioneer.

Additionally, he has been featured in major profile publications, including Ahlan!Time Out DubaiLife&Style magazine, and most recently, Cosmopolitan Middle East.

Keza accumulates an impressive amount of awards and achievements, including being honoured as the Best Young Amateur DJ at the Burn FG DJ Awards in 2007 in France, Beijing-based DJ of the Year in 2009, a recipient of the City Weekend Award Beijing, and being part of the well-known French Riviera Connection International Team, reinforcing the influence of his work in multiple spots worldwide.

Currently based in Dubai, Keza runs the decks as resident DJ at Vault Dubai, Sho Cho and WeslodgeBy introducing his sounds to the Middle East, he’s contributed to turning yet another glamorous location into one of the most desirable places to discover nightlife.

Engaging an exquisite professional and dynamic presence at all his live arrangements, he has been a major force in turning all his parties into an integral part of the social scene of Dubai.

With his unique charisma, mass-following on social media, and high rate of requests for gigs, Keza is achieving steady universal fame and acceptance of fans worldwide, overcoming barriers of language, genre, and nationality – just like that!


  • Ahlan Best DJ 2013 (Nominated Short List)
  • Middle East Pioneer Best DJ 2012
  • City Weekend Best Beijing DJ 2009
  • Burn Awards by FG 2007

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