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Page Last Updated: Sun, 30th Oct 2016

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From Tehran to Dubai and Berlin to London, Siamak Amidi aka Skin has played it all with one thing in heart: commitment to the underground scene and music.

It was exactly this very commitment that led him to creating Volt Music: a vinyl only limited record label.

His love of all things underground teamed him up with like-minded people in Dubai setting up a weekly party called Analog Room, a night like no other in Dubai.

As creative director and booker for Analog Room, Siamak makes sure the party is all about the music and allowing people to let their hair down and have a truly underground experience.

Siamak has an open mind when it comes to music and looks out for new and upcoming talent all over while staying on top of the game by playing venues all over the world and spending time in Berlin where the pulse of the techno/house music really beats and his label is based.


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