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Page Last Updated: Tue, 1st Nov 2016

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Energy and persistence conquer all things.

That is definitely the case for Canadian DJ XIIAM after hitting the Toronto DJ circuit last year.

He has begun to captivate house/electronic music enthusiasts at home and abroad with his unique dark but groovy progressive sounds.

Playing alongside the likes of Tommy Trash, Dzeko & Torres and Joe Ghost the groove advocate begins to dominate one beat to the next!

In December 2015, he released his first remix of Matt Nash and AN21's Louder which got the support from the likes of Simon Alex, Dzeko & Torres, Chris Avantgarde, Maxon and made its way into dozens of syndicate radio shows worldwide.

With his deep immersion in the electronic culture and smooth approach to the sound he delivers, the coming days are your cue to tune into the electric XIIAM noise!


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