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Oud Metha

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We're a dance crazy group trying to live our passion.

We've set up shop to tell stories through movement. 

​Avega means ‘passion’ in Sanskrit and that’s what we stand for – passion in movement. We’re a dance theatre production house and a workshop studio.

RaaS is our maiden effort. 

Our movement vocab comes from all the different dance languages that we have worked with.

We fuse Indian classical, contemporary, lyrical and folk with global influences to carve a dance language of our own. 

We run our own productions and tell stories that are interesting to us.

We also have a set of workshops coming up that we think is innovative! So watch this space for more info. 

So anyone with any dance needs - choreo services, corporate workshops, bollywood birthday parties, lec-dem requirements... anything that is movement-related please contact us! 

What we don't do is background dancing people - cause dance is always in the spotlight for us!


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