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Second-hand doesn't mean second best!

​I am the biggest fan of anything pre-loved from clothes and toys to cars and gadgets.

If it's in good condition and still has a few years left in it then why not?

Not only will you be saving yourself some money (and considerable amounts of money if you add it all up) but you will be making a small difference to the amount of waste that sadly takes place on a daily basis.

Having lived in Dubai for the past ten years and running my own moving company, easytruck, you start to realise just how much 'stuff' gets wasted in this town.

Then I had a baby and I couldn't help but feel that I was contributing even more towards a lot of unnecessary waste...

Watching my son grow out of his clothes on a daily basis in his first 12 months of life I couldn't believe my eyes; he grew out of his sleep suits every four to six  weeks and his baby toys were of no interest to him after a few weeks (sometimes after ten minutes!). 

Baby Bazaar is my effort to give mums the chance to 'do their bit' in reducing waste (whilst earning some extra cash!) by selling their quality second-hand kids clothes, toys or anything related to children under the age of eight years old.

The Baby Bazaar formula works because it is essentially a win/win situation - mums sell their unwanted baby clutter, make money and free up much needed space in their home.

And the mums who buy at Baby Bazaar get to take home good quality baby and toddler items for less than half the price they would pay in the shops.

The Baby Bazaar market days are very social and they have quickly become a meeting point for new mums to meet other new mums and for friends to get together for coffee and a shop.

There is an undeniable buzz at every market where mums get together and feel like they’re part of a growing community, which is so inspiring! 

Times Square Center has free parking and everything you need under one roof for a morning of shopping and mingling; caribou coffee, Biella, Toys R Us, Hello Kitty and then of course Adventure HQ and Sharaf DG for the Dads to go and hide in!

Check out our facebook page for more details on upcoming market days.

I hope to see you there!

Chief Organiser of Baby Bazaar & Mum


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