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We are an international company focused on creating magical moments by producing premium events, breath-taking entertainment and astonishing dance performances”.

In bnf we bring the unique factor and innovative approach to all the events we partake in.

bnf was founded by world champion dancer and entrepreneur Eider Rua in Colombia in 2000.

The company has grown and expanded internationally as an Event Management enterprise, to the extent to create and develop its own worldwide events and festivals.

In 2007, bnf opened its branch in Dubai, UAE.

With our mission of creating magical moments at heart, the company has become one of UAE’s most reputed events and entertainment management companies specialised in the performance arts.

We have been managing events and performing in more than 30 countries around The Middle East, America, Asia and Europe including: EEUU, Egypt, Bahrain, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Oman, Qatar, India, Israel, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Greece, UK, China, Japan, Russia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador.

The key of our success relays on the incredible and dedicated team of professionals that work day and night to create end-to-end outstanding concepts and productions, making each event unique and magical.

On the other hand, bnf proudly hosts in-house world champion dancers and performers that have developed an impressive and innovative catalogue of shows.

  • Our Mission: To fulfil the dreams of our clients by making them live a unique experience full of originality, innovation and surprises.
  • Our Vision: We want to be one of the world´s leading creators of magical and unforgettable moments, recognised by our high standards and creativity that will leave our clients feeling amazed
  • Our Values: Two core beliefs drive our values: ideas & people.
    Creativity: there is no room for boundaries; we create magical & unique moments.
    Excellence: our work is defined by our high quality standards & innovative minds.
    Commitment: we take each project as ours to ensure clients feel like guests of their own events.
    Social responsibility: Our principles rely on integration, acceptance and care.

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