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Page Last Updated: Wed, 6th Apr 2022

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The Braga Group started over 8 years ago primarily as an entertainment company, managing artist, bookings for artist and turn-key solutions for all kinds of events.

Being a very dynamic group of talented individuals it wasn’t long before expansion came to the group in the way of lifestyle destinations such as nightclubs, bars, restaurants, beach clubs, beauty salons and others.

With this expansion came the natural growth of the group at which point we seen a greater demand for our services, now 8 years later we have established offices from Europe to South East Asia.

As the Head Office for Braga Group is the Indonesian Braga Conceptz all the main business is conducted from the Head Office which is now located in Bali, having moved from Jakarta when the Directors noticed the potential for better opportunities.

Now after 3 years in Bali Braga Conceptz are further expanding with the acquisition of strategic outlets such as the newly opened OCASO Restaurant and Bar located in the immensely popular tourist destination at Padang Padang Beach.

Also having a beauty salon chain Lash Inc primarily focusing on eye lash extensions with European standards and highly trained staff.

During the pandemic the Directors made sure that The Braga Group assisted with the local governments to help stop the spread of the pandemic so the decision was made to limit the operations of some of the venues.


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