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chapter one creates is a production home; we are a vibrant troupe of collaborating performing artists, limited only by every medium imaginable.

Our pursuit is to create a ‘space’ of radiant energy and continuous creativity; encouraging one another – storytellers and spectators alike – to craft and chase the very best version of themselves.

We strive to inculcate a culture of artistic growth and collectively liberate the communicative illustration of our God-given gifts of free expression.

We aim to come together as like-hearted individuals fostering an authoritative liberty of intimate genuineness; inspiring and supporting vibrant and truthful storytelling.

We seek to provide a platform to empower ‘storytellers’ from all climbs of life, bringing to fruition ideas of collaborative artistic vision.

Above all else, we aim to place upon pedestals the highest virtues and values of communal truth and love.

Art in every form belongs to the art of itself; we are the mediums, the muses, the masters of our own madness – and sharing that madness as equal partakers is what we feel to be truly and most beautifully human.

chapter one creates aspires to be a collaborative production company bringing together musicians, artists. athletes and performers from all over the world; sharing stories which portray every human truth – desirable and undesirable, fortunate and unfortunate, fact or fantasy.

To reimagine what we think we know, imagine what we don’t know, and to discover everything in between – truthfully and unapologetically. We are consistently, continuously and collectively always writing chapter one.


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