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Founded in January 2014, Culture Emulsion is a UAE-based multi-faceted arts company that define themselves as a “Performance Factory”.

It is active in three areas:

  • Shows: French speaking Theatre Play Production + Drama School in French
  • Corporate Training: in English: Corporate Theatre – Team Building – Media Training
  • Project Management: Cultural & Edutainment projects

As a permanent resident of the DUCTAC (Dubai Community Theatre and Art Centre) in Mall of the Emirates, Culture Emulsion is essentially known by the Francophone community for the shows they produce or travel to the UAE, and for their successful drama classes.

“Culture Emulsion – Performance Factory” is dedicated to playing with arts and culture to entertain and educate the interactive way.

About Us
Culture Emulsion’s reflects the sum of its founders’ personalities – it is young, curious about everything, cultured, open-minded, creative and spirited whilst remaining business oriented, reliable and organized.


  • Master’s degree, Cellular Biology & Microbiology
  • Graduate from Paris university – Technical and scientific communication specialized in exhibitions and museums
  • Representative for Universcience (new brand of Cité des sciences and Palais de la Découverte) in the Middle East since 2006
  • Cofounder and Managing Partner for Culture Emulsion since 2014


  • Graduate from Reims Business School
  • Corporate positions (Samsung/HP) – 8 years in Dubai
  • 3 years of drama classes with a teacher from Cours Florent (Paris) in Dubai
  • Cofounder and Managing Partner for Culture Emulsion since 2014

Meeting each other in Dubai, city of all possible and opportunities, Stéphane – acting amateur and passionate about theatrical and musical culture – and Cécile – for who implementation of French cultural projects in the region has no secrets – founded together Culture Emulsion to offer to this budding town a French-speaking touch, delighting the different communities whom this language is important.

But, far from limiting theirselves to the artistic culture, Culture Emulsion also offers various services in order to insert communication and theatre into everyday life by promoting the know-how of French companies which can bring something new in the region such as edutainment, event-planning or corporate training…


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