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Cuvée3 is a professional beverage focused company that is dedicated to organising events and hospitality consultancy, providing individuals and corporate partners with a global experience and an unparalleled high service.

Tasting & Classes
At Cuvee3 we are keen to encourage anyone to learn about the exciting world of beverages.

We are pleased to offer various beverage master classes throughout year, including the collaborations with famous mixologists and the opportunity of private tasting lessons and corporate events.

Our tasting classes are perfect for the ones who are willing to explore the tech palate of various wines and who wants to become a tasting pro.

Events and classes with Cuvee3 is a perfect chance to discover new flavours and meet up with new people. You will be able to identify the main flavours by smelling the aromas.

Hospitality Consultancy
Cuvée3 is collaborating with hotels and free standing restaurants across the UAE providing :

  • Staff Training at all levels
  • Management Training
  • Stock Management
  • Menu Development
  • Sommelier Recruitment

Have you been dreaming to work in the hospitality industry?

Cuvée3 is recruiting talented individuals from across the UAE to work in the best restaurants in Dubai.

Explore the evolving world of hospitality with Cuvee3.

Event Management
Cuvée3 organises the full event for customers, starting from choosing the right location, all the way to choosing the correct combination of beverages with the selected catered menu, to ensure a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

Sommelier Private Hire
Hire a sommelier for your wedding, private or special events.


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