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VIP Parking is NOT included with the ticket price.
Tickets can be purchased at the main gate of Dubai Safari Park

Wheelchair Users

People of determination are exempted from entrance fee.
- Complimentary wheelchair service is offered at request.
- Two modern trains, five shuttle buses and two Safari vehicles are equipped to accommodate wheel chairs.
- Employees trained to assist and provide services to people of determination
- Convenient passages to enter and exit Dubai Safari.
- Reserved car parking.
- Integrated restrooms designed in line with accessibility needs.
- Easily accessible and seamlessly designed service counters

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Dubai Safari is the new home for more than 2,500 animals from all over the world based in Al Warqa, Dubai.

Dubai Safari aims ‎to be one of the top ten zoos internationally, and a leading tourist destination ‎worldwide attracting recognition from the international community for its work in ‎maintaining a high standard of animal welfare, nutrition and ethical conduct.‎

Dubai Safari is a project by Dubai Municipality, spread over 119 hectares will ‎provide ‎the best habitat for wildlife; different environment that suit various animals. ‎

Come explore the Arabian Village, Asian village, African village, feel the thrill and ‎excitement of an Open Safari or make new friends at the Children’s ‎Farm. Relax by ‎the ‎valley; enjoy a picnic by the waterfall. Watch a show or engage in activities in the ‎‎theatre. ‎

Our objectives:‎

  • Conservation, by protecting and preserving wild animals and their immediate ‎environment.‎
  • Education, by supporting knowledge share, awareness programs and sustainable ‎initiatives.
  • ‎Research, by conducting and implementing researches and studies.
  • Entertainment, by providing enjoyable activities and edutainment opportunities.

Interactive Programs
If you think watching animals and reading information about it is enough, try our interactive programs spread in the park and explore what real knowledge is.

Use your senses, touch, hear see and learn about animals in interactive stations designed to satisfy your curiosity.

Please CLICK HERE for full list of programs on offer.

Adventure Valley
Ready for the adventure?

Our Adventure Valley is located on Al Wadi area. It’s a playful place to gravity and motion which gives you a sense of adventure experience.

The Adventure valley contains three different playing equipments for adults and kids,including Playground zone, Climbing Net and Wall, Bungee Jumping and Zip Line.

The Adventure Valley, where you challenge, explore and find your strength abilities.

Theatres & Live Shows
Theatre: You will be introduced to the exciting world of wildlife. Here, our animals will do natural behaviors while our spokes persons tells you interesting facts about these wonderful animals.

See the otters swimming past and hear how they are only just surviving in the wild.

Watch the gibbon swing overhead and learn how this lesser ape is losing his rainforest home.

But it’s not all about doom and gloom, although we have many serious issues facing the planet, there is always hope and solutions are there for us to make the call and act serious to play a vital role in saving our and their homes.    

Safari Theatre: The bird show is all about our feathered friends.

From the intelligent crow to the wise owl and from one of the largest flying birds to a bird from the wilds of Africa, all are seen here in our world of flight.  

Kids Farm
Animals have a way of bringing out the best in us and children are no exception.  Introducing your children to farm animals at an early age will result in a greater understanding of responsibility and compassion.

Our Kids Farm is a wonderful environment in which children can play, and learn about animals and the important place they hold in our lives. Being close to animals will teach children responsibility and promote good character and integrity.

Our staff at the Kids Farm are kid friendly and well trained. They are always willing to show the young ones the animals up close and personal.

Two categories are tickets are available for adults and children.

Dubai Safari Park Ticket that covers entry to Dubai Safari Park as well as Arabian village, African village, and Asian village - Alwadi. Please note that it does NOT include entry to Safari Village.

Combo Ticket that covers entry to all of the above PLUS entry to the Safari Village.

Daily (incl holidays) from 9am until 5pm.

• AED 50
 Adullt Dubai Safari Park Ticket 
• AED 20 Child Dubai Safari Park Ticket 

• AED 85 Adult Combo Ticket
• AED 30 Child Combo Ticket


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