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local_phone +971 4 274 3555
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Page Last Updated: Tue, 29th Nov 2016

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Dysfunktion is your new monthly ritual to celebrate the weird, the wonderful, and the techno.

Two of Dubai’s newest forward thinking and experienced techno heads come together to release an experience with collectively over 30 years in the making.

Bootleg Social Records boss Tobie Allen and UK-bred-Berlin-raised techno aficionado Ju Lovett will transform ON42 into a monthly Friday night haven for the Dubai’s music family.

As the resident DJ of previous dance institutions like Rapture (UK), Creamfields (UK Tours) and Aquarium in London, Ju Lovett brings his unique style of Berlin influenced techno as an introspective experience.

Tobie Allen's community focused attitude aims to bring together the people that matter most.

It’s not about the glam, it’s about the music.

The dancefloor is open to everyone!

Because It’s not about how much you earn, how you look, or where you’re from – come as you are and let yourself free.

We are not normal… we are 'Dysfunktion'.


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