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at , Dubai Festival City

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local_phone +971 55 709 4509
access_time Bar Opening Hours: 12:30-02:00
Happy Hour: 17:00-19:00
Friday Brunch: 12:30-16:00

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Please call +971 55 709 4509 or email [email protected]

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Page Last Updated: Thu, 17th Jan 2019

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Joe's Backyard - bringing people together for the love of BBQ.

We believe in the power of a BBQ to change your world - the challenge of getting a BBQ just right, in doing it properly. 

The spirit that creates some of the most iconic memories and legendary cultures of life around the world. 

Life fuelled by mates, by family, by great flamed food - washed down with a bucket of beer or two.

This is the stuff that counts, that you won’t forget. 

The smoke, the charcoal, the sizzle. 

The music, the chat, the laughter, the ribbing, the ice buckets, the shots, the goals and the tries. 

There’s nothing quite like it to bring everyone together. 

It’s what we live for.

Welcome to the best barbie experience in Dubai, full of all the greatest flavours from our favourite barbie nations - Australia, the US, South Africa, Brazil and Argentina but that’s just the start of what a BBQ means to us - it’s not a grill or an oven. 

It’s a moment and we’d even call it a way of life.

Join us for the ultimate neighbourhood BBQ party. 

Unplugged locals, or charged up foreigners. 

Chilled out sunsets or flamed up food on our BBQ fit for a V8 Supercar - serving any thing and everything you could possibly think could be cooked from prawns and snags to ribeye and chooks.

We’re people that were born and bred around a four burner or braai and our backyard is like no other.

Experience the ultimate neighbourhood BBQ experience. 
As it should be. 
Done properly. 
It’s a way of life for us. 
Drop in here and change your life.


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