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Page Last Updated: Sun, 25th Mar 2018

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Having seven years experience of work in media sphere on Russian market which consisted of the magazine, TV show and such big events as Queen of Ukraine, Fashion Week, Person of the Year etc, Lava Laguna has already become a brand and trusted name between Russian speaking people of 15 post-USSR countries.

We keep direct contacts of 20 000 high-end businessmen, investors, artists, media and public people in our database which was being created during all those years. 

Two years ago the company was moved to Dubai, UAE.

Our main concern is guiding Russian-speaking tourists (300 000 per year) and new residents (database of 20 000) to the best places Dubai can offer.

In the same time we are helping businesses of Dubai to reach our clients, who are always wanted but hard to reach, because despite being good spenders, quick decision-makers and grateful clients, they have a language barrier.

It’s rather well-known, that most of Russian-speakers don’t speak neither English, nor Arabic. 

This fact makes our service unique, irreplaceable and successful.

Focused mostly on advertising and marketing solutions and in the same time having direct contact with the clients, we have five destinations we work in, which are:

  • Fancy Dubai Guide Magazine
  • Russian Call Centre (also called concierge service)
  • website
  • Fancy Dubai application for Iphone and Android & 8 events
  • Russian National Celebrations per year

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