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Page Last Updated: Tue, 29th Nov 2016

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The world of entertainment and events, the world of music and gourmet dining, of the best wines, of elaborate settings, stylish clothes, a world of enchantment for beautiful, sophisticated people who want the best.

Welcome to our world!

This is what M Premiere provides. From having your event at the seven star Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai or at the enchanting Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat in South of France, in historical Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel overlooking the Bosphorus in Istanbul, or at the luxurious villa in Beverly Hills, M Premiere will make sure that it will be unforgettable evening.

The professionals at M Premiere are expert in organising and accomplishing all type of events. The reputation of M Premiere is impeccable in the UAE and CIS and in Russia.

Founded by Evgeniy Morozov with over than 20 years of experience in entertainment, M Premiere is now at the top of event companies in this part of the world.

Mr. Morozov started as a classical violinist and stayed very successful in the music and entertainment world. However his unique organization talents had him change course to start a business where he could choose his own destiny. He founded the fabulous Russian Season and co-founded the Dubai Classics and the Dubai World Music Series.

He puts a personal touch to every event and it doesn't take much urging for him to pick up his violin and play something beautiful. For your event come to our world at M Premiere.

We will be talking and praising what you sponsored and what we accomplished long, long after the lights went off and happy people left with a wonderful memory.

And isn't that what life is about?

CEO's Message
As a professional musician, I think that music is the highest part of the human talent manifestations, beauty and harmony; that’s why music takes the central place in all events we organise.

Small wonder that our professional and devoted team is the real musical experts at managing and executing any and all types of events that are distinguished thanks to a special music aesthetics and absolute perfectionism.

Having a unique experience M Premiere is renowned for the ability to engage top artists and performers from around the world. Our vast track record is the historical events in Russia, the UAE, Kazakhstan, USA and Europe.

We are able to create a magnificent event at the most luxurious hotels, we can bring your idea into the desert or to create a signature firework show in the air everywhere.

It seems to me that each event is a history, the unique emotions and memories for everyone.

Let us together to create the historical events with the power of music!


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