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local_phone +971 50 645 4604
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Please call +971 50 645 4604 or email [email protected]

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Page Last Updated: Thu, 17th Jan 2019

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Milestone Entertainment is a vibrant and energetic Dubai based event Management company.

We conceptualise events - corporate events, product launches, private functions, weddings & anniversaries, club parties, concerts and a lot more.

Creativity and Quality in our Events has a proven track record and a presence in the UAE.

We strongly believe that Creativeness and Liveliness are the key elements of an event and hence we ensure that our entertainer give out the best in them whenever they perform at an Event.

We as Milestone Entertainment take Pride in our work.

We believe in working closely with our clients, and delivering on their expectations. We are both creative and passionate about our work and it shows in all our events.

Every event is personally handled by our team of dedicated, creative and enthusiastic event Planners, each specialising in making your event an individual and memorable one.

We conceptualised an annual fusion concert - Desert Fusion, which made its debut in Dubai and featured the first ever fusion of Bollywood singer Atif Aslam with a French band, Paris House Addict along with DJ Zubair and DJ Abhijeet.

The show was held at Palladium in Dubai in April and later in Ritz Carlton Island in Doha in July .

Milestone has been responsible for arranging concerts all over the world.

We are specialised in planning and executing engagements particularly for music concerts, award nights, corporate conferences, marriage parties, a field in which the agency holds a leading position.

The highly qualified staff members are trained and well experienced in handling any close call.


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