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Page Last Updated: Tue, 22nd Oct 2019

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The gamers in the Middle East are growing from different genres and the lack of professional organized events are demotivating these gamers in continuing being part of the gaming scene.

So we initiated 'OUG' Omni Universal Gaming to gather these gamers and make it the meeting ground to compete against each other in a professional manner.

OUG events are mostly tournaments to rank and keep records of the players so they can make a name for themselves in the gaming scene.

Also, We provide the gamers the latest news for all fighting games which helps them to have an idea about the game updates and to motivate them to join back their community.

In addition, we conduct friendly matches so the players can get comfortable with the community for the future events.

All events are properly and respectfully conducted with the gaming requirements (monitors lag input, game settings, elimination rules) etc.

Records of the past event can be watched through our site.


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