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Page Last Updated: Wed, 2nd Oct 2019

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Exit, pursued by a bear.

The name comes from one of the most famous of Shakespeare’s stage directions.

But we don’t care what’s on the stage.

Where does the bear come from?

Where does it go to?

What happens to the bear?

And who's it chasing?

If you ask these questions, you’re like us.

You want more. You want to dive in.

We create more than shows, we open up universes.

You get to dive in and experience everything.

You get to live it, breath it, be in it. Don’t sit and stare. Open the box. Explore. Share.

Find your perspective. Those are the kinds of events we create.

We aim to change the landscape of theatre and performance in the region by giving audiences something more, something different, something personal.

Building on from the success of Constellation’s Shakespeare Under the Stars series of sold-out, immersive events - Constellation has teamed up with leading mega-events producers to create Pursued by a Bear.

2016’s Romeo+Juliet proved audiences can be convinced of promenade concepts.

2017’s Macbeth proved that audiences are willing to explore, even across three emirates.

Pursued by A Bear starts with a big splash (pun-intended) with Gatsby: The Immersive Experience on the QE2.


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