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Page Last Updated: Wed, 3rd Jun 2020

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Shhh ... It's our Secret

Established in 2016, Secret Parties has now become the most talked about events company in Dubai providing nothing but anticipation and excitation for each and every event.

Exclusivity, Decadence and Secrecy are the words of the moment...

Secret Parties brings a unique, exciting and even Risqué attitude to an already electric party scene in Dubai.

We bring the excitement every time with an amazing, perfectly organized event, whether it be one of our Secret Brunches, Pool Party or Ladies Day at very exclusive venues that you probably did not know existed. 

With nothing of its kind in Dubai Secret Parties present a Secret Brunch on exclusive dates through the course of the year.

Each and every secret event introduces you with a brand new place to party.

Discover the hidden gems of Dubai, as we introduce you to amazing and extravagant hotspots around the city.

Secret Parties host the amazing Secret Ladies Day every Thursday afternoon where ladies can enjoy free flowing cocktails, a two course A La Carte lunch with pool and beach access all day while baking in the Dubai sunshine.

With the brand growing and expanding across Dubai, do not be surprised when new events pop up around the city hosted by Secret Parties.

Join the Secret Party and expect the unexpected.


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