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In 1999, Sharmila began teaching dance in the UAE and subsequently established her company Sharmila Dance in 2006.

We offer “LIV DANCE” classes for students ranging in the age of seven years old through to adult.

With over 700 students currently enrolled at Sharmila Dance, it is with great pleasure that we train the youth of today to become tomorrow’s professional performers.

With over 20 years of experience in teaching, Sharmila has discovered the best and most effective way of teaching dance is by breaking the class format into four sections.

  • WARM-UP – The warm-up routine and the technical warm-up remains the same throughout the year.
  • FITNESS – It is essential for any aspiring dancer to have the right stamina and strength that is required in dance.
  • CORNER WORK – Students, work on coordination, flexibility, and technique as well as the ability to learn to pick up choreography faster.
  • ROUTINE – The class routine is taught at the end of each class and lasts for two weeks. However, the genre of dance changes every two weeks. In our LIV DANCE classes we believe our students need to be versatile for today’s market demand. Our styles vary from Hip-Hop, Lyrical Contemporary, Funk, Camp, St. Jazz and Commercial Jazz.

The beginners level is for 7+, elementary level is from 12+ years and the intermediate level is for advanced teens and adults. We believe in an open class system, like many international known institutes such as Pineapple Dance Studio or Broadway Dance Center.

This helps the students attend class because they are motivated to learn dance, not because they have signed up for a term and they are obliged to attend.

Ballet is fundamental in any dance style, as it teaches you posture and lines. We offer Ballet classes for beginners, elementary and intermediate levels, including pointe.

Sharmila Dance hosts two Annual Shows and a Summer Workshop:

  • The Sharmila Dance Extravaganza – This is our annual show that is currently in its 16th year. It is a show for aspiring performers with a whirlwind of different dance styles, costumes, colors and lights with over 200 performers ranging from the age of 7 to adults. The show is always sold out with over 2500 spectators leaving with rave reviews.
  • The Sharmila Dance Gala – This show is set to bring you one of the most exciting and unique shows that Dubai has to offer. With the best locally based talent, as well as international talent. It is a blend of different dance genres brought together on one stage.
  • Sharmila Dance Summer Workshop – Is a five day workshop allowing the children to learn different styles from various teachers both local and international culminating in a showcase.

Sharmila Dance is unique from any other dance school because of the passion, hard work and dedication that is put in from the entire student base and staff.

For our team, this is not just a job, it is a lifestyle, it is way to educate the youth of today, to discover their talent and awaken the performer that is inside everyones.


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