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local_phone +971 55 236 8458

Please call +971 55 236 8458 or email solita[email protected]

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Page Last Updated: Wed, 2nd Jan 2019

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Solitaire Events was born out of a desire to create memorable experiences for our clients by diligently shaping their sentiments.

Being a team of enthusiastic women entrepreneurs, we focus more on the 'Empowerment of Women'.

We have an extensive reach to women in UAE by means of social web based community - 'Solitaire Queens' on Facebook.

We provide a complete solution to those people who have to focus on their work despite event's preparations.

Why do-it yourself, when experts can do it for you?

We offer number of services to help you plan everything from start to finish, by applying our systematical approach of professionalism and innovation resulting in a memorable event.


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