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local_phone +971 55 232 3956
access_time Opening: 09:00-18:00

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Please call +971 55 232 3956 or email [email protected]

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Page Last Updated: Mon, 18th Sep 2017

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STEPPIN RAZOR is an events company founded in 2004 for changing the way we experience events.

Our diverse services and capabilities allow us to go beyond the boundaries to cater the clients.

SR Events provides clients with limitless entertainment possibilities, creating and facilitating event experiences that go beyond the traditional confines of events Industry.

We are a turnkey production and entertainment company that offers anything Caribbean and have expanded to other areas of entertainment we do music production too.

We go extra mile to deliver.

The brand reflects the limitless possibilities of creating new properties (Events ) SR Events is dynamic, energised, engaging, and champions of the Entertainment event Business.


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