The Art of Motorcycles Show (promoter) The Art of Motorcycles Show (promoter) The Art of Motorcycles Show (promoter)
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The Art of Motorcycles Show (promoter)


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Page Last Updated: Wed, 13th Oct 2021

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Art of Motorcycles’ Show is a unique celebration of art, photography and motorcycles.

Opening its doors to the public for its thid edition at the distinguished Warehouse Four in Al Quoz, the show will feature specially curated motorcycles from invited builders, collectors and private owners. In addition, a variety of talented artists and photographers from around the globe have also been selected to showcase their works here in Dubai.   ​

The ‘Art of Motorcycles’ show 2021 promises even more diversity and excitement as an array of creatives come together for a 2 day event!

The impressive one day exhibition will house over 2,000 attendees who can roam amongst the spectacular collection of motorcycles, art and photography whilst grabbing specialist coffee and snapping some great photographs.​

The show was launched in February 2019 by Del Michael Gasan as a way of bringing people with shared interests and passions together. The show is entirely curated and directed by him with the support from the local motorcycle community and event sponsors.​

Del is no stranger to the local and global motorcycle scene, coming from a family of motorcycle builders, riders and artists this show was a natural evolution. ​He gained recognition through various motorcycles builds, events, online features and writing for regional motorcycle magazines.​

If you are a lover of machines and creativity then this is the show for you. ​

See you all there!


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