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Page Last Updated: Wed, 14th Feb 2018

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It’s a British thing and we’re bringing it to Dubai!

What’s a car boot sale?
It’s just like a flea market with the added benefit that you’re selling from the back of your car; you can load up with all your unwanted toys, clothes, books, etc. and drive them directly to the pitch that you’ll be selling from.

What you can expect?

  • Traditional ‘car booters’ (sellers) selling their second hand goods.
  • Traders tables selling handmade crafts, toys, sweets etc.
  • Food and drink stands
  • Toilet facilities
  • ATM on site

Terms & Conditions

Your Vehicle:
Cars, SUV's and pickups are permitted. Trailers and vans must be declared at the time of booking and will incur an additional fee. Lorries and trucks are strictly forbidden.​

All sellers must arrive between 11.30am and 12.45am to set up. Sellers arriving after this time may be refused entry. You will be allocated a pitch on arrival.  ​

Set Up:
Goods can be sold from the back of your vehicle, but we recommend bringing display equipment such as tables, clothes racks and boxes with you. It is prohibited to display items directly on the ground if they are less than 10cm high. A limited amount of tables will be available for hire but will be on a first come first served basis.​

Leaving before the end of the event is not allowed, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Marshals will make arrangements for a safe exit when it is time to leave. Please be aware of others at all times when you're driving on the site.​

Removal of all Belongings & Waste:
It is your responsibility to leave the site as you found it. Take any unsold belongings home with you. Trash/litter bins will be provided for disposal of waste.​

No Stolen Goods:
Those found to be selling or in possession of stolen or counterfeit goods will have them confiscated without compensation to the participant and reported to the authorities.​

Items Which Can't be Sold:
Food and drink may only be sold by registered businesses who hold the required municipality permits. Tobacco products, alcohol, flammable liquids, weapons of any kind, animals, animal furs, animal skins, representations of human and animal forms are strictly forbidden.​

Merchandise that may infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party or have not been approved by the relevant Government Authorities will not be offered for sale during the Event. If any such merchandise is offered for sale, it shall be confiscated without compensation to the participant and reported to the authorities. New unbranded items are acceptable. 


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