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As the setting sun sheds its tangerine shadows, throwing a myriad amber patterns across the balcony floor, three friends sat sipping on their iced drinks talking about chasing passions, about following their dreams and who would walk the path with them.  

The writing was on the wall.  

The best partnerships were made when people with the same passions and same dreams walked the path together.

Why don’t we walk together?

 No, why not fly together and create an ‘eventful’ life?  

And nature stepped in flooding that small balcony with its golden yellow light.  

Yellow Balcony was conceived!

YELLOW BALCONY lives up to its name.

YELLOW, the colour of happiness, energy, optimism!  We work passionately to infuse these elements into our events.

Just as the BALCONY give you a panoramic, unobstructed view of what lies beyond, we at Yellow Balcony open up avenues offering you a view from the top.  

We go beyond events, we create expressions, we bring you experiences.


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