What is PromoLover?

At its most basic PromoLover is a site for people who love promotions. They are Promo Lovers.
It lists over 2,800 outlets in Dubai and shares with you any or all of the promotions that those venues are running currently.

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every promotion that is available by date, offer type, time and more.
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The search options are endless.

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We are PromoLover.
We Love Promos.
We want you to be a PromoLover too.

What is a Promotion?

Promotion is one of the 4 Ps of marketing (and just in case it comes up in a pub quizm the other three are Price, Product and Place).

Now we can't do anything with the other 3 - but we can with Promotion. We can do a lot.

Promotion is anything that pushes the product towards its customers. Anything at all.

PromoLover is a platform that lists as many real promotions taking place in restaurants, bars, theatres, throughout Dubai right now.