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A community sports organisation dealing with camel racing in terms of preparation, organization and continuous development.

The Dubai Camel Racing Club is established as the leading and first in the camel racing region at the local, regional, Arab and international levels to preserve the heritage of the people, and always strive to develop this popular sport, excellence and regularity in its racing to make it global. Dubai is the world center for organizing these races.

The Message:
We will use all of our material and human resources and accumulated experience to provide excellent training and organizational services, and to provide an appropriate and attractive environment for all local, regional, Arab and international camel teams to participate in camel races organized by the club.


  • Preservation of heritage and belonging
  • Renewal and excellence
  • Justice and Integrity
  • Create an atmosphere of trust and credibility
  • Efficient communication and communication with others
  • Social Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Self-development

Organising regular and distinct camel races at the level of local and Gulf camel clubs as a first stage, and then expanding the participation to include other Arab and international clubs.

To monitor, overcome and correct all errors of the organization of past camel races and to develop new methods that contribute to the development of this sport.

Establishment of a veterinary hospital on diagnosis, treatment and provision of necessary drugs, identification of camel breeds through the use of DNA,

The establishment and organization of camel auctions brings additional revenue to the club, and to satisfy our customers in the rape and sale of camels on the sidelines of racing established.

Establish a club website to facilitate exchange of information with other clubs and interested parties, and to allow electronic registration to participate in races.


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