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local_phone +971 4 345 6001
access_time Opening: 09:00-18:00

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Please call +971 4 345 6001 or email [email protected]

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Page Last Updated: Sun, 25th Sep 2016

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The Dubai Fringe serves as a platform for nurturing and promoting local, regional, and international aspiring artists/talent
thus creating a talent pool that supports the growth of the performing arts industry of the region in general and Dubai in particular.

Dubai Fringe Festival
The Dubai Fringe in association with Total Concepts Entertainment, the entertainment division of Total Concepts International (TCI), has over the years successfully organised three editions of the Dubai Fringe Festival.

The Fringe Festival is an established festival concept for over 70 years.

Fringe festivals are internationally recognised and serve to celebrate various forms of arts including but not limited to theatre, comedy, visual arts, dance, and music.

Future editions of the Dubai Fringe Festival will be organised and announced in coordination with various stakeholders - local, regional, and international talent will be invited to participate accordingly.


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