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Page Last Updated: Thu, 7th Feb 2019

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Najahi Events and Seminars brings the world’s leading speakers in personal empowerment, financial education and leadership skills to the Middle East through the use of 'Edutainment' (educating while entertaining).

Operating out of Abu Dhabi Emirate, Najahi brings entertainment, community and personal transformation and youth empowerment events and programmes, aiming to create not only business leaders, but also civic and family influencers, who will make positive and transformational changes to their communities and lives.

Our dedicated and creative team, has personal experience of the way ‘edutainment’ teachings transform ambitions, ideas, and lives into different levels of success.

The team is committed to spreading personal empowerment learnings across the Middle East so that more people can achieve the potential they have within to reach their goals and aspirations.

We are both proud and excited to be bringing the world’s leading speakers in personal empowerment, financial education and leadership skills to the Middle East through the use of a unique educational concept, 'Edutainment' (educating while entertaining).

We have been witnessing exponential change, growth and development all over the globe; and we are seeing all market sectors converge at an astounding rate. Observing the Middle East and its transformation in the past decade, we realised that we must inspire our youth, our creative thinkers and every individual with a dream to take the next step and put them on a journey of success.

To do so, we need to equip them with the right tools, skills, knowledge and motivation to enhance their acquired knowledge and consequently enhance their lives.

So, we decided to bring our personal experience and learnings at a Robert Kiyosaki event to the door steps of the people of the region.

We were inspired, and started our journey of success and sustainable wealth after attending this programme and many more. This is what led to our realization that we need to provide that same opportunity to the people in the Middle East, and it became our mission!

We collaborate with international and renowned partners and operate from the UAE. And what better place than a nation that has a vision to become one of the top in the world, by creating a sustainable economy and instilling creative and innovative thinking into the minds of every resident in the country, while crafting a happy environment.

Our promise is to bring a number of edutainment and personal empowerment events, programmes and initiatives to inspire, encourage and educate every individual into living the lives they deserve and overcoming the many challenges they might face.

We want to contribute to creating not only business leaders but family and civic leaders who will give back to their community.

Be motivated… Get inspired… Learn… And SUCCEED!


Awfa Mustafa & Zina Al Zuhairi


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