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NEP was founded by industry experts who specialise in creating innovative, sophisticated and cutting edge events. 

With many years of experience we have developed a rich knowledge and understanding of the event, art and hospitality worlds: resulting in our reputation for creating truly unforgettable moments.

As a company we are storytellers, believing that the experience of the event can have a major impact on guests, it is our mission to ensure each and every event is thoughtfully produced and curated to create a moment that forges life long impressions.

About The CEO
Mrs. Nafisa Rahman has gained a reputation for exceptional creativity, high quality design and tailor-made event services.

She believes in generating creative ideas and unique solutions together with her clients as one team.

“This is what makes us good at what we do, and what makes our clients happy to be associated with us. A small creative team with big ideas, our strength lies in delivering service that is professional, and at the same time fun and friendly”.

Nafisa also has a long background in Business, being a Director of Agrani Holdings Group Ltd. in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

She also has an Educational background in Law and in International Business. She later went and pursued a Diploma in Event Management & Innovative Marketing here in Dubai.

Corporate Social Responsibility
NEP Events are committed to providing our clients with the strongest foundation for their success, our insight into our clients’ needs and requirements, together with our commitment to the best hospitality guarantees that we always bring visions to life in a way that surpasses all expectations.


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