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Page Last Updated: Fri, 16th Sep 2016

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The Artist Network is an international entertainment agency with operations in event hosting, artist management, and media relations.

Our goal is to educate and entertain spectators, while providing a captive audience and memorable experience for everyone involved in our projects.

"What is it about art anyways that we give it so much importance? Art is so respected by the poor because what they do is an honest way to get out of the slum, using one's sheer self as the medium. The money earned, proof, pure and simple of the value of that individual, the artist. The picture a mother's son does in jail hangs on her wall as proof that beauty is possible even in the most rechid, and this is a much different idea than the fancy notion that art is a scam and rip off, but you can never explain to someone who used gods gift to enslave, that you have used god's gift to be free" - Basquiat,1994

Media is the gateway to the hearts of the masses, how you reach those people will determine wether you instil emotion or blend in and be unnoticed. Instilling emotion is the first step, but what do you want people to feel? Excitement, love, remorse, happiness, joy, belonging? Starting from this very element is the foundation of the media road less traveled, a deep thought into what you really want to achieve with every single element of the media you manage and release, a thought process based on core values of the brand. We are currently developing a network of micro targeted online content based on everything to do with art. Photography, design, music, architecture, interior, wood work, dance, film, theatre.


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