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local_phone +971 800 637227
access_time Opening: 10:00-18:00

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Suitable for all ages.
Children under 3 years are free.
Children aged 3 to 12 years qualify for a discounted children's price

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For groups of 15 people & above please contact [email protected]

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We do not allow any unauthorised touching of the animals inside The Green Planet.
One of our butterflies may enjoy a rest on your arm but we ask that you leave them behind to surprise and delight other guests.


Available at City Walk

Wheelchair Users

The Green Planet is fully accessible


Please call +971 800 637227 or email [email protected]

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Page Last Updated: Wed, 25th Mar 2020

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The Green Planet was conceptualized to bring together nature and the science of nature, which when combined invite, amaze and inspire appreciation of our natural world.

The delicate layers of the forest have been recreated with the different plants and animals that inhabit each, providing a glimpse behind the veil of greenery.

Learn how to nurture and protect the many beautiful, interesting and unique species that can be found within the forests of the world through this truly enlightening experience.

The Green Planet is open to the curious and adventurous, the young and old, to experience the unique beauty of another world.

The Canopy
The canopy forms the roof of the rainforest, absorbing the majority of the sunlight and diffusing the rainfall. It stands at a staggering height of approximately 30-45 metres above the ground.

The Midstory
This is the middle layer of the rainforest, where trees commonly have large leaves in order to absorb any sunlight filtered down through the canopy. Here, there is more open space than above and more sunlight than the forest floor below.

Forest Floor
The three words that best describe the forest floor of the rainforest – Humid. Quiet. Dark. Unlike the other more bright and lively layers, barely any sunlight reaches the floor.

Flooded Rainforest
As much life as there is aboveground, a lot of activity happens below. Over 3m of rain falls each year, flooding rivers and streams that provide the perfect living conditions for all kinds of animals.

Schools Programme
The Green Plannet offers Bio-dome access with one programme topic and each programme is aligned with the learning objectives of the school curriculum established by the Ministry of Education.

The programmes introduce students to a variety of scientific and environmental topics related to the ecosystem of a tropical forest.

The programmes are taught interactively in the engaging environment of a tropical forest with over 3,000 species (plants and animals).

Please CLICK HERE for more information on schools visits.


• AED 95 
• AED 70 Children aged 3-12 years
• FREE Children under 3 years


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