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National Theatre at Home: This House

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National Theatre at Home presents This House from Thursday 28 May to Thursday 4 June 2020.

Enjoying two sold-out National Theatre runs, filmed live on stage in 2013, and a West End transfer, This House is a timely, moving and funny insight into the workings of British politics by James Graham (Ink, ITV's Quiz).

It’s 1974, and Britain has a hung Parliament.  

The corridors of Westminster ring with the sound of infighting and backstabbing as the political parties battle to change the future of the nation.

During this era of chaos, when a staggering number of politicians die and age-old traditions are thrown aside, MPs find they must roll up their sleeves, and bend the rules, to navigate a way through the Mother of all Parliaments.

Jeremy Herrin (People, Places and Things) directs this much-loved production, available to watch on the National Theatre’s YouTube channel from Thursday 14 May.

Join us on our YouTube Channel every Thursday at 10pm (UAE time) for some of the best British theatre, free to stream for a week.

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Thursday 28 May to Thursday 4 June 2020
Running Time is 2 hour 40 mins with a very short interval.



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