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local_phone +971 4 355 1111
access_time All Day Dining: 08:00-00:00
Happy Hour: 16:00-20:00

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Valet parking is available from Gate Precinct Building 3 opposite Al Fattan Currency House.
Our Valet policy requires minimum spend of AED200 for each validation.


Please call +971 4 355 1111 or email [email protected]

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Page Last Updated: Mon, 2nd Oct 2017

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The journey to Bazxar began with one very simple question: in a city famed for its novel dining experiences, what would somewhere truly fresh, vibrant and exciting look like?

We think it would look like this. A place where every sip and bite takes you on a new culinary adventure of global influences.

A place where the intensity of an Asian street market vies for your attention with the attitude of an NYC gourmet burger, a Mediterranean siesta on a plate, or the josper and rotisserie inspired Latin fire of the dining room.

A place that adapts and changes with you, to the time you have available and to the people you are sharing it with.

What’s your Bazxar?
Social. Sophisticated. Grab and go. Stop and chat.

A cuisine fusion of Asian, Mediterranean, US and Latin American influences, fired by passion, authenticity and above all, flavour - always flavour.

Set within an award-winning design of steel, wood and brass that connects every eating space with the most exciting new bar in the city, it looks, feels and tastes like nowhere else in Dubai.

And every time you step inside, you’ll find there’s a new experience waiting for you.

The Art of Eat
Your Bazxar isn’t quite like anyone else’s.

It is the grab and go breakfast and the quick after-work drink; the social lunch and the dinner worth taking time over.

And because we wanted you to experience a different Bazxar with every visit, we developed lovingly crafted menus to match.

Please note that our menus are constantly being reinvented.


We bring the gourmet, the informal and the fun. You decide how to combine them.

So the Bazxar you experience today can be very different to the Bazxar you experience tomorrow.

Crisp pastries. Buttery croissants. Coffee made just the way you like using beans that are expertly sourced, lovingly roasted and blended to impress. Because grab and go should never be fix and forget.

Meat District
Burgers with added awesome. Dogs with extra bite.

Classic New York attitude served with sides of hell-yeah and OMG.

Every day our tables are shared by people packing their conversations with fire, passion and intensity.

So we packed our Asian street-market inspired menu with the same ingredients.

Poured with passion.

Every day at the Bazxar Bar, we uncork, blend, mix, pull and pour Dubai’s most exciting selection of drinks. Only the very finest wines earn the right to be included in our selection of 30 served by the glass. There’s an equally exciting cellar of bottled wines too.

Give your favourite cocktail an inimitable Bazxar spin, courtesy of our bartending brilliance, or discover the delights of two of the world’s classic cocktails (the Manhattan and the Negroni) on draught – for when refreshment can’t wait.

And when true relaxation looks like a fine malt or a cool ale, take your pick from a truly global selection of spirits and premium and craft beers.

Dining Room
Inspired by fire.

Passion. Heat. Intensity. They’re not difficult to create when you use the very best ingredients.

In the Bazxar Dining Room, that applies to what we create – and what we create it with.

Josper grills delicately wood-smoke our moreish flatbreads. Rotisseries slow-roast prime cuts of meat, creating a juicy succulence for which Bazxar is already famous.

The Dining Room is the fiery soul of Latin America with a gourmet heart. And like every dining experience at Bazxar, it has been lovingly designed for inquiring palates, not bulging wallets.

The Dining Room is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The People Behind the Passion:
Bazxar, by Create Hospitality

Hospitality. To many it’s an industry, but not to us.

To us, hospitality is what you feel when you enter one of our venues. It’s about more than enjoying impeccable service and luxurious amenities; it is about the immersive cultural experiences you have while you are there.

It is meeting like-minded people in environments that match your personal style and, in the case of Bazxar, adapt to your mood, tastes and the time you have available to share with us.


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