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Page Last Updated: Mon, 23rd Oct 2017

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Bedouin Tech is a participatory festival in the desert of the UAE and it is also a community. 

We are a network of friends built upon the collaborative, production and enjoyment of art, parties, and radical self-expression. 

Everyone buys a ticket (even those that work year-round on the event) and the participants themselves create everything that happens at Bedouin Tech.

Bedouin Tech is a LEAVE NO TRACE event and follows the 10 Principals of Burning Man:

  1. Radical Inclusion
  2. Gifting
  3. Decommodification
  4. Radical Self-reliance
  5. Radical Self-expression
  6. Communal Effort
  7. Civic Responsibility
  8. Leaving No Trace
  9. Participation
  10. Immediacy

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