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Page Last Updated: Thu, 28th Mar 2019

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Dubai is a great city.

Meeras is focused on making it greater, and we’ve made a good start.

Our destinations, neighbourhoods and attractions have elevated Dubai’s status among global cities – as one of the world’s most desirable places to live, work and play.

But we’re not done there.

Our journey from a developer to a connector is enabling us to diversify operations and expertise into a growing number of sectors, from retail to food, leisure, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare and technology.

We’ve worked with some of the brightest minds in the business for over a decade to create a lifestyle that appeals to a global audience and a city that people want to be a part of for generations to come.

By contributing to an urban culture where the next generation of ideas led by businesses, start-ups, small and medium entities and entrepreneurs can take root, our destinations and attractions welcome millions of visitors.


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