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local_phone +971 52 292 2356
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Please call +971 52 292 2356 or email [email protected]

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Page Last Updated: Sun, 3rd Sep 2017

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In a very short time Ric Banks became a strong name within Dubai dancing scene, recognised and respected by students and fellow professionals for his amazing abilities to lead, teach, create unique choreographies and entertain masses.

His classes, workshops and events are extremely popular with high attendance and impressive number of followers.

Passionate of the Latin culture and music Ric started dancing as a teen. His natural talent for leading, producing and executing imaginative moves led him to teaching group and private salsa classes in London while studying economics and taking a master degree in Business Administration.  

After winning the hearts of Londoners for five years, Ric decided to go on a new adventure and moved to Dubai four years ago.

Since then he established himself as an all time favourite ‘go to’ dance instructor and in-demand performer.

Ric is not only a skilled dancer, expert in both leading and following technique but also an innovative entrepreneur and events organiser.

He is the founder of DEF, an Art and Performance Centre, where together with a team of professionals he teaches workshops on various styles of dancing, from Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata to Hip Hop, Wedding dances and corporate team buildings.


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