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Page Last Updated: Wed, 9th Oct 2019

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SLAM FAM started with an idea to form a movement that adopt all talents and imply the elements of Hip-Hop in the scene.

SLAM (which means Peace in Arabic) FAM (Family) is an open dance community and gathers a family of close friends with a common love for dance and arts.

SLAM FAM gathers now a community of accomplished dancers, each with their own specialty and style, they bring to the stage a great mix of humour, musicality, high-flying and eye-popping tricks, innovative choreography, and personality that consistently brings audiences to their feet.

Their passion for dance has led them to professional careers in the dance and entertainment business.

We are aiming to grow the Hip-Hop scene in the MENA region by inspiring the new generation and boosting them with the right spirit and motivation.

Since 2007 SLAM Movement FAM has been putting effort to provide the scene with what it is missing, spreading knowledge and experience along with building opportunities for the dancers in the region to do what they love. 

Our vision and goal is to organise four jams annually for the local scene in the MENA region and to make one or two annual international competitions to gather all the international Dancers, Graffiti Artists, DJs, Musicians and Freestylers hoping to make Dubai the Capital of Hip-hop by 2020 and represent UAE internationally.

Organised, hosted and participated in events, competitions and workshops involving the different aspects of Hip-Hop locally and internationally.

We presented SLAM to the public at Red bull Breaking Regional 2010 and represented the UAE at IBE, Mighty 4 Middle East, chelles PRO BATTLE and Juste Debout.

List of achievements in events and competitions:


  • Organised 7-to-Smoke at Al Quoz - Judged by BBoy Lilou
  • SLAM FAM jam, the first SLAM jam
  • Where we introduced SLAM's battle system "4-to1" and "Music from the Hat"
  • Invited to IBE 2011


  • SLAM Battle of the Champs. VOL.1
  • SLAM 4-to-1 VOL.2 JAM
  • SLAM Movement Battlefield
  • SLAM Eid Get Together JAM


  • Bring It Loud - Dubai Mall 
  • SLAM Eid Get Together VOL.2
  • knock out battle 3vs3 
  • Top rock battle VOL.2
  • HipHop weekend : 4 to 1 and Battle of the Champs. VOL.2


  • Beat the beat battle
  • Under 18 VOL.3
  • Knock out battle 3vs3 VOL.2
  • Stand up Battle VOL. 2


  • Slam Fam Warehouse Jam 2015, The Fridge
  • Groove or Move, Al Ain Mall


  • Slam Fam Warehouse Jam 2016, The Fridge


  • Co-organized Red bull Air Race 2017 bboy and All style dance battle
  • 971 Cypher by Slam Fam, Dubai Graffiti
  • Unity Jam, Bay Square
  • Slam Fam Warehouse Jam 2017, The Fridge

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