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Page Last Updated: Wed, 9th Nov 2016

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We are one of the biggest multi-purpose facilities in the world!

In terms of space, we are built upon a sprawling 24 hectares of land, on the Emirates Road, opposite the Global Village.

Our striking architecture with a contrast hue of blue, complemented with an outstanding landscape of diverse flora surrounding the complex, will make you feel as if in an oasis of a futuristic world.

In terms of facilities, our swimming and diving pools are of Olympic standards.

Boasting two 50-metre swimming pools, and the advanced technology of moveable floors, the swimming pools can be transformed into 25-metre pools at differing depth, at any one time by simply the touch of a button.

Equipped with diving stages at 10m, 7.5m, 5m, 3m and 1m, our diving tanks have since been acclaimed by some of the world’s most renowned divers.

In terms of flexibility, the venue can be converted into a dry land for non-aquatic and non-sports events.

With our advanced pool covering technology, where a strong foundation and sturdy surface is built to cover the pools, we have successfully hosted and managed world class events such as basketball, handball, volleyball, karate championships, high profile concerts, international conventions and exhibitions.

Having considered the needs of all of our stakeholders, from spectators, VIPs, the press, to our suppliers, the complex is complemented with royal VVIP lounges and executive boxes, press conference and a journalist working area, a fully functional medical room with state-of-the-art medical facilities, doping control room, parking areas for more than 1,600 cars, plus the capability of 4G and GSM provision to over 20,000 guests. We have it all to cater to your every need.

In terms of seating capacity, we have 15,000 spectator seats at the three-tier horseshoe-shaped seating bowl in the competition arena, overlooking the 10-lane Olympic-sized swimming pool and the separate Olympic-sized diving tank.

Adjacent to the competition arena is the training pool area with 500 spectator seats which guarantees a perfect view of our second 50m swimming pool.

In line with the Dubai’s vision of becoming one of the top most sustainable cities in the world, the construction of Hamdan Sports Complex takes into account ground breaking environmentally friendly technology.

All of our outdoor lights are solar-powered, our pools are consistently maintained at a temperature of 27°C by the sun, and our glass exterior allows for optimised natural light penetration especially for our offices and the main entrance at the first floor where it’s most required.

Above all, we at Hamdan Sports Complex, have big goals, of encouraging healthy and active lifestyles through aquatic activities, of promoting aquatics as one of the most essential sports in the UAE and providing a world stage for world class events in Dubai.


  • 3-tiered arena seating bowl with 15,000 seats
  • 300 retractable seats
  • 10x5m LED scoreboard system for timing & scoring purposes
  • Built-in sound system
  • Space for 2,000 seats when pools are covered

Grand Foyer

  • 2 Ultra Brightness projectors
  • 2 HD LED video walls
  • Exhibition wings on the Mezzanine Floors

Competition Pool

  • Convertible long course pool: 10 lanes x 50m
  • Convertible short course pool: 10 lanes x 25m
  • Equipped with underwater sound system
  • Full set of equipment for male and female water polo field of play

Diving Pool

  • Diving pool: 20m width x 25m length x 5m depth
  • Diving stages at 10m, 7.5m, 5m, 3m and 1m
  • Equipped with underwater cameras and underwater sound system
  • Seating capacity for 4,000

Training Pool

  • Convertible long course pool: 8 lanes x 50m
  • Convertible short course pool: 8 lanes x 25m
  • Convertible diving pool:20m width x 22m
  • Equipped with moveable floors
  • Full set of equipment for male and female water polo field of play
  • HD LED video wall and scoreboard

VVIP Rooms

  • VVIP reception lounge on First Floor
  • VVIP Lounge on Second and Third Floor complete royal furnishing and connecting VVIP seating area
  • 14 adjacent Executive Boxes
  • Private VIP parking area

Medical Rooms

  • Emergency clinic on first floor
  • Connecting doping control room
  • 1 First aid room on each level

Other Facilities

  • Media centre equipped with press conference facilities
  • 6 hospitality rooms
  • Offices for organisers complete with office furniture and computer
  • Athlete changing rooms
  • Fitness Centre
  • Separate sauna rooms for men & women
  • 1600 car parks
  • Training rooms with special machines such as Vasa Vergometer, Bio Meter, Vassa Trainer Pro Swimming Training Bench, Power Rack Swim Strength Training Machine and Bio Swim Analysis PC Software for professional swimming needs

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