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Mounting Pyramids……a unique approach in the most advancing times of entertainment where social and digital media rule the industry and by far has tripled revenues for planners and organisers, faster than ever.

We like to take this flow but we will do it with our twist.

The roots keep us strong and the fruits we reap are the numbers we calculate, but in between this start and the end mark, is the journey which we all dream of making it remarkable, memorable and a lifetime experience.

We are all about this journey.

We all eat, dance, work and play but what matters is how can we do it differently each time.

We are thinkers, creators and with the gift of expression, we paint the world. Come and experience with our life at the base and right up to the roof.

We at MP, are aiming at quality and to assure that our clients, followers and our people are showered with surprises and solitary experiences each time they join us and promote our plans.

We consider optimism the fuel to accelerate the potential growth but nonetheless by no means underestimate the challenges and competition.

But we believe in striving and making our way through. It’s an ocean…….and every fish finds its food!

We look forward to making 2017 a milestone.

The Master Mind - Ranjeeta
Not too soon…….but yet not too late!

At 35 years, Ranjeeta is persistently striving forward and thriving on the consistently developing markets, not just globally, but specifically in the UAE.

A mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a professional and a true people’s person, her passion and drive in life is all about valuing relationships and their effect on our lives.

These relations have been her pillars of strength, motivation and the only reason that justifies her passion for serving people in her own unique way.

Enriched by the values and success of her entrepreneurial background and the motivation of her father, her role model, she has taken her first step forward into this extremely diversified and rapidly accelerating region.

WHY? – The region
UAE has been one of those few countries, who in the last decade have substantially changed, evolved and developed as a strong and sustainable economy and continues to surprise the world through its ongoing remarkable development projects for now and future.

It’s a country ruled by Visionaries and they are truly an inspiration.

Dubai, in particular, has been laddering its way up on the global economic graph in the last few years and the rising bars authenticate how every opportunity within the region has significantly benefited investors, consumers and the overall economy.

Preferred by millions of entrepreneurs around the world, this city has accommodated more than 190 nationalities and has been truly favourable and profitable to the majority.


Private Events: Birthdays / anniversaries / festivals / close family affairs and various other occasions, which people look forward to celebrating and building lifetime memories.

Each event is designed in accordance with client’s wish list and our efforts are to deliver the ultimate experience to enhance their occasions.

Public Relations
Planning and Consultation – customized events planned and executed to serve specific requirements coming from clients based on their individual and specific expectations.

Professionals or experts coming from various sectors are free to approach us to plan and design their public profiles for them.

  • Branding
  • Marketing & Adverts
  • Profile Enhancement
  • Building and sustaining market reputation

Private Education Support for Children
CHALKTALK is our brand under which we cater to private educational support for children from age 6-10.

Through individual learning sessions, within the comfort of your home or at our facility, each child is attended personally, on a one-on-one session.

Their everyday classroom work is followed-up on, home-works are duly completed and necessary revisions are conducted to prepare children for their end of the year assessments.


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