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Page Last Updated: Tue, 5th Dec 2017

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A diverse multicultural collective of DJs, Creatives, and vibes hounds; The 264 Cru like to think of what we do as more than just a group of friends who like to get ratchet and play bangers together.

There’s a lot of thought and deliberation in what we do.

We, along with others who’ve been here longer and those who are yet to come, want to help Dubai’s cultural development.

Several of us have been in the UAE for a while and are therefore thrilled to be able to cut out our own space in shaping the scene.

Beyond our local motivations and aspirations we also aim to bring a chunk of Dubai with us wherever we find ourselves next helping change perceptions across the globe.

Travelling abroad, we've been exposed to the typical ‘Dubai image’ of “Isn’t it all just ‘fake’ out there?”. It can be easy to trash on a young developing city that hasn't quite found it's footing just yet.

It’s therefore so rewarding for us to host forward thinking international guests and send them off with the impression that just like any city, there are real, dedicated, and passionate people who share common interests and values.


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